Mark & Naomi

Wedding Photography in Ashtead, Surrey

A lovely couple, a lovely day, a lovely location. Sometimes photographers have it easy! It was our privilege to spend the whole day at Mark and Naomi’s wedding, starting the shoot separately. Tim worked with the groom and his guys, who had a good kick about in the park before showering and getting ready for the main event. Andrew found the bride and maids rather more sedate. These pre-wedding parts of a photographer’s day give us a chance to get to know the key people and to help them relax with us. We can also get those all important shoes, jewellery and perfume shots!

One feature of the day was that Mark is a PE teacher; his love of sport is obvious. We tried to bring this out through the day, both by taking photos as they happened, but also by bring a few local “props” into play. Great fun!

Information about St George’s Church, Ashtead. Information about the City of London Freemen’s School

Surrey Weddings are close to Andrew’s home patch of Haywards Heath, West Sussex, and therefore incur no extra travelling expenses. Andrew met Mark and Naomi on two occasions prior to the wedding – once at home and once to look over the wedding venues. As well as finding out exactly what we can offer, and what gthe bride and groom want, these meetings go a long way to really feeling relaxed together on the day.