Chris & Lizzie

Wedding Photography at Ditchling & Plumpton Village Hall

Chris and Lizzie’s wedding was our first occasion of working together on a wedding. We couldn’t have asked for a nicer couple or a better day. Superb weather, great bunch of friends, Sussex being as sunny as Sussex can be, a beautiful old church at Ditchling, a pleasant reception venue in Plumpton, and a great atmosphere through food, speeches, and the dance – an occasion to savour.

It was possibly also the first occasion where we used slow-rear bounced flash effectively to capture the movement and drama of dancing at a wedding – check out the shot of the two bridesmaid here. It is a wedding photography technique which calls for considerable trial and error as every venue and occasion has different  lighting characteristics, and getting the mix of flash and available light can be tricky. But if the photographer is ready to work at it, taking the time to do a lot of shots for you, then the results are really rewarding.

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